About Us

Welcome to WiseRenting. The home of WiseReport, WiseStat and LandlordCheck. We are happy that you are using this site today.

We created this site as a tool to better the working relationships between Landlord and Tenant. We also want to help tenants avoid situations that might not be in the best interest of both parties.

In the light of landlords running credit checks, there isn't really much out there to check the "credit" of a landlord. We are here to even the playing field.

For Tenants

Tenants can rate their landlords. Keep track of the letters and escalate their issues. Letters can be anything from telling the landlord what a wonderful job they did to what is wrong with their rental unit. We can help with writing a letter when they move out.

You can tell us – which would be awesome – what you actually pay for your place. This includes rent – well obviously – to electricity and heat. This way if you move, someone can see what you paid. If you move to another apartment, you can see what they have paid.

Best feature for tenants, you can obtain a report on how well the landlord takes care of their tenants and the property.

For Landlords

Landlords can attract quality tenants, people want to know what the other tenants paid for everything. For high scoring landlords, they can enjoy using our tenant placement services to help refer potential tenants to your rental properties.

Legal Beagle

So that you know, we are NOT a law firm. We cannot dispense legal advice. If you find yourself in need of legal advice, contact The Yellow Pages, Avvo or Google attorneys in your area.

Using our rebuttal system, you agree to hold all parties harmless. Our decisions are final, that’s why it might take a while to get a rebuttal response from us. We want to do a fair and thorough job.